Undergraduate Students

Jonathan Durham

Jon is working towards optimizing the synthesis of the organic fluorophore “Leadglow” and modeling its excited states and fluorescence with DFT calculations.

Harry Mann

Gary is working towards the synthesis of the molybdopterin (MPT) ligand and other chelating ligands.

Jake Staker

Jake is working toward the synthesis of an infield sensor similar to leadglow.

Ashlyn Dollar

Ashlyn is working to create variants of Cj NapA and overexpress them heterogously in E. coli. She aids in characterizing the expressed proteins.

Reed Smith

Reed is working to create an expression vector for NapAB in S. oneidensis. He performs electroporation and expresses the protein homologously.

Bright Gyasi

Bright is working on NapA protein simulations with the use of CHARMM. He focuses on wild type vs. variant simulations.