Current Members

Current Members

Graduate Students

John Thomas (BS, John Caroll University). The guru of mass spec. He is involved in figuring out protein-protein interaction in molybdenum enzymes focusing on the mitochondrial amidoxime reducing component (mARC). Graduated December 2016 with PhD.

Sara Dille (BS, Wheeling Jesuit University; MSES/MPA, Indiana University). Focusing on the synthesis and characterization of asymmetric monooxo molybdenum complexes containing dithiolene ligands.

Breeanna Mintmier (BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania). Cloning the periplasmic nitrate reductase from Campylobacter jejuni to be heterologously expressed in E. coli. The biochemical and biophysical properties of the periplasmic nitrate reductase will be explored in the near future.

Aria Parangi (MS, student, CERE). He is wrapping up his research on Pb testing in waters. Utilization of the metal sensing molecule leadglo to create a portable field lead sensor. Graduated December 2016 with MS.